NWIRA Trophies

Trophy Name Event namesort icon Initiated by Year
The Lipton Cup Trophy The Lipton Cup Trophy Grand Aggregate Championship Winnipeg Rowing Club and Sir Thomas Lipton 1907
The Can Am Trophy The Can Am Trophy Grand Aggregate Efficiency Championship Regina Rowing Club with Bob Ellard 1995
Gladstone C. Hill Trophy Gladstone C. Hill Trophy Inter. Men's Double Gladstone Hill 1939
Harry Duckett Trophy Harry Duckett Trophy Inter. Men's Four w/coxswain Regina Rowing Club obo Harry Duckett 1980
Conmee Cup Herb Rivers Memorial Trophy Conmee Cup Herb Rivers Memorial Trophy Inter. Men's Ltwt. Four w/coxswain James Conmee MP 1908
trophy Lieut. Selby Henderson Trophy Inter. Men's Ltwt. Single Winnipeg Rowing Club imo Lieut. Selby Henderson 1950
R.D. Stewart Trophy R.D. Stewart Trophy Inter. Men's Single Robert D. Stewart/Minnesota Boat Club 1939
Minneapolis Aquatennial Trophy Minneapolis Aquatennial Trophy Inter. Men'€™s Eight Minneapolis Aquatennial Society 1948
Scotty Duncan Trophy Scotty Duncan Trophy Inter. Men'€™s Ltwt. Double Minneapolis Aquatennial obo H.R. Scotty Duncan 1968
Jack Flatt Trophy Award Jack Flatt Trophy Award Inter. Men'€™s Ltwt. Pair imo Jack Flatt 1975

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