NWIRA Trophies

Trophy Name Event name Initiated by Yearsort icon
Jacob Gill Gaudar Trophy Jacob Gill Gaudar Trophy Senior Women's Quad w/o coxswain Carling O'€™Keefe Breweries obo Jake Gaudar -
St Paul, Minneapolis and Winnipeg R.R. Cup Trophy St Paul, Minneapolis and Winnipeg R.R. Cup Trophy Senior Men'€™s Four w/o coxswain Winnipeg Railroad obo Winnipeg Rowing Club 1886
London and Lancaster Trophy London and Lancaster Trophy Inter. Women'€™s Eight London and Lancaster Life Insurance Co, Winnipeg 1894
J.T. Horne Cup Trophy J.T. Horne Cup Trophy Senior Women'€™s Ltwt. Four w/o coxswain J.T. Horne obo Fort William Rg 1906
Almerick H. Paget Trophy Almerick H. Paget Trophy Senior Men'€™s Eight Almerick Paget obo Minnesota Boat Club 1907
The Lipton Cup Trophy The Lipton Cup Trophy Grand Aggregate Championship Winnipeg Rowing Club and Sir Thomas Lipton 1907
Conmee Cup Herb Rivers Memorial Trophy Conmee Cup Herb Rivers Memorial Trophy Inter. Men's Ltwt. Four w/coxswain James Conmee MP 1908
Bullard Brothers Cup Trophy Bullard Brothers Cup Trophy Senior Men's Single Bullard Bros Co obo Minnesota Boat Club 1910
Machin Trophy Machin Trophy Inter. Women'€™s Single Capt H.A.C. Machin MPP, Kenora 1910
House of Hobberlin Trophy House of Hobberlin Trophy Senior Men'€™s Ltwt. Four w/o coxswain House Of Hobberlin Ltd. 1913

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