NWIRA Trophies

Trophy Name Event name Initiated bysort icon Year
Dr Whitaker Trophy Dr Whitaker Trophy Senior Women's Four Dr G. Whitaker 1973
Dr William Coventry Award Trophy Dr William Coventry Award Trophy Senior Men's Pair Duluth Rowing Club obo Dr W. Coventry 1975
John A. Malone Trophy John A. Malone Trophy Senior B Men's Quad Duluth Rowing Club obo John Malone 1984
Harry Tuckwell Trophy Harry Tuckwell Trophy Men's Open Eight Dash Fort William Rowing Club imo Harry Tuckwell 1966
Gladstone C. Hill Trophy Gladstone C. Hill Trophy Inter. Men's Double Gladstone Hill 1939
House of Hobberlin Trophy House of Hobberlin Trophy Senior Men'€™s Ltwt. Four w/o coxswain House Of Hobberlin Ltd. 1913
Jack Flatt Trophy Award Jack Flatt Trophy Award Inter. Men'€™s Ltwt. Pair imo Jack Flatt 1975
Yanish Trophy Yanish Trophy Inter. Women’s Four w/coxswain imo Jim Yanish 1954
Lee Deacon Miller Trophy Lee Deacon Miller Trophy Men's Open Single Dash imo Lee "€˜Deacon" Miller 1961
J.T. Horne Cup Trophy J.T. Horne Cup Trophy Senior Women'€™s Ltwt. Four w/o coxswain J.T. Horne obo Fort William Rg 1906

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